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13 Jun

ITF Tennis Court Ratings – all you need to know

There are many factors that you might take into consideration when installing a new artificial tennis court – how big it needs to be to fit the required space, the best type of surfacing to use and whether you should add other aspects such as fencing or lighting.

But, what about ensuring the court facilitates high performance? This is incredibly important for a high level of play to take place. If you’re unsure what to look out for in relation to this, it’s worth taking into account the court pace classification programme from the ITF (International Tennis Federation). The classifications have been put in place to assist purchasers of tennis surface products to help determine the type and speed of surface most suited to their requirements. The ITF classifies surfaces into one of five categories according to its court pace rating, which effectively is a score which determines where your tennis court surface sits on a spectrum from slot to fast:

1 – Slow


3- Medium

4 Medium-Fast

5- Fast

To help advise our customers on the best surfacing to suit their specific tennis requirements, Bradleys has produced a number of product mailers that offer recommendations on surfacing products, along with their ITF classification – including this mailer here

Also, please take a look below at some of the most recent tennis projects we’ve worked on and if you’re keen to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us on

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