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18 Jul

How rainwater harvesting can help the UK’s hosepipe ban

For the majority of the country, it’s expected that this summer’s scorching heatwave will last into August – great news?

Sadly not. This latest forecast follows a shock hosepipe ban announced for North West – the first for six years – which is set to impact more than 7million households. There are also concerns throughout the country that the ban will not be the last of the summer given the interrupted heatwave we’ve seen so far.

So what can we as UK households do?

Ignoring a hosepipe ban is a criminal offence, but unless you want to see your beautifully tendered garden turn into a dry, brown sorry state of affairs (and unless you’re prepared to grow cacti not carnations), it might be time to consider collecting rainwater.

Harvesting rainwater has many advantages; it provides your own water supply during a drought, can save money on your water bills and is a sustainable way of using water at home. Not to mention its positive impact on the environment.

With this in mind, it might be time to think about installing a water harvesting system at home. The system is completely out of sight as the water is stored underground, so no need for worrying about that eyesore in your garden! A system has all the benefits of a normal synthetic lawn too; no need to mow the lawn, leaving you with a clean and perfect looking garden all year round.

Sound interesting? We’ve produced a brochure and infographic  that provides more information about rainwater harvesting – both which can be downloaded.

You can also read more about some of the domestic rainwater harvesting installations that Bradleys has installed on our website too in our latest projects section and in the landscaping section of our services. If this sounds something you’d be interested in, please feel free to contact Tom on for more information.



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