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18 Feb

Hauser & Wirth installation

We were delighted to be approached by modern art gallery, Hauser & Wirth at the beginning of the year to carry out an installation at their largest gallery in Somerset.

It’s the first time the team has ever installed the Fibonacci sequence as part of the artist, Matthew Day Jackson’s design, who explores human interest and compulsion to document and map the natural world as a method for understanding it. The worked titled, ‘Indoor Pitch’ saw the gallery carpeted in astroturf with rectangles demarcated in white paint, suggestive of a sports field and bigger ideas around rules of engagement. The rectangles have been divided using the geometric ideal of the ‘golden rectangle’ – a principle Jackson revisits in his work. We used TigerTurf EvoExcel for the surfacing of the sequence – a hard wearing, quality multi-sport product.

Official images of the exhibition below, which is currently taking place in Somerset. Definitely the coolest place we’ve ever worked…starting the year with a job indoors is always a treat too!

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