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14 Mar

The importance of cleaning Porous Macadam Courts and Porous Rubber surfacing

When porous surfaces are first installed the surfaces have excellent drainage, over time this may my become less effective.  This is generally due to the build-up and dirt in the pores of the surface, which essentially seal up the surface and prevent it from draining.  Moss and algae can also be a contributing factors especially in areas that are shaded and don’t receive much sunlight.  These surface can the  hold water creating puddles and can become very slippery and hazardous.  It is important to clean this surfaces regularly in order to ensure they draining effectively and have good grip.  This is generally carried out by jet washing, where water is jetted into the surface in order to agitate the solids present in the voids and these can then be removed from the area and the area, leaving a surface that will drain well again.  Where moss and algae are present, we recommend this is treated with a suitable cleaning product 7-10 days prior to the jet washing.  It also very bring life back to coloured surface with colours becoming vivid again and line markings clear to see.

Not all jet washers are the same, at Bradleys Surfacing we’ve invested in the best pumps and whirl-a-way surface cleaner to ensure we get the best result.

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