Whether it’s a simple natural to artificial lawn conversion or a new build commercial landscaping project incorporating a water harvesting system, Bradleys offer a range of systems for landscaping solutions.

Artificial Turf Lawns

Artificial turf products for landscaping purposes have reached new highs over the last few years with products now more realistic in appearance than ever before.

Artificial turf lawns are now widespread and increasingly the choice for people looking for a perfect looking lawn all year round that requires little maintenance. With all the attributes of an attractive natural lawn, Bradleys ensure that the artificial turf products they use look fantastic day after day in all weather conditions.

All surfaces are 100% pet friendly with many pet owners now choosing artificial turf over natural turf to create a more manageable garden.  Pets can make growing a good lawn problematic and trail soil through the house, which can be frustrating for owners who then opt for artificial turf lawn as an easy solution.

Rainwater Harvesting

Collecting rainwater is a sustainable and environmentally responsible way to combat rising water costs. Using experience gained by working in other parts of the world, the team at Bradleys Surfacing Systems has developed and tested a water harvesting system, designed for domestic properties, schools and commercial buildings. A typical system would collect water via a synthetic turf lawn, store the water underground and make it available above ground via a pump. Rainwater from roofs and other sources can be linked to the system to increase the amount of water collected.

Benefits of system:

• Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable way to use water at home and reduces the cost of water bills.

• The system is completely out of sight, as the water is stored underground – unlike unsightly water butts which are an eyesore in small gardens.

• The system involves water attenuation, holding water locally is an effective way to help reduce flooding.

• Potential for system to be plumbed to supply water inside properties.

• The system has all the benefits of a normal synthetic lawn; no need to own a lawn mower, or mow the lawn, leaving you with a clean and perfect looking garden all year round.

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