Bradleys install safe and attractive surfaces to fit all types of play areas, incorporating creative designs and themes.

Playtime is essential to a child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development, as well as having an important role in the enjoyment of childhood. No matter what shape or size, Bradleys install safe and attractive surfaces to fit all types of play areas.

We prioritise safety over anything else, which is why we work with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure we supply the highest quality products, all tested to governing body standards. Traditional outdoor surfaces, such as tarmac and woodchip that are often used for play areas can be unsafe and impractical, becoming slippy when wet and causing accidents. Our soft, yet durable areas meet all critical fall requirements for playgrounds and we offer other options, such as trip-free edging and shock pads to soften any falls and tumbles.

Artificial surfaces can enhance the way children play and interact with each other. We can design creative surfaces and themes, such as hopscotch and snakes and ladders in a variety of colours that are visually engaging and can be used as an educational and stimulating tool for children.

Read below our overview of children’s play areas and the surfacing system we use. Download our Education brochure and view our case studies and testimonials alongside.


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