Rainwater harvesting systems for the collection, storage and distribution of recycled rain water.

Water harvesting is a sustainable way to use water at home and can help to reduce the cost of water bills. The team at Bradleys Surfacing Systems has developed an effective rainwater harvesting system, designed for domestic properties, schools and commercial buildings.

A typical system would collect water via a synthetic turf lawn, store the water underground and make it available above ground via a pump. Rainwater from roofs and other sources can be linked to the system to increase the amount of water collected.

Benefits of the system

• Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable way to use water at home and can reduce the cost of water bills.
• The system is completely out of sight, as the water is stored underground
• The system involves water attenuation, holding water locally is an effective way to help reduce flooding.
• Potential for system to be plumbed to supply water inside properties.• The system has all the benefits of a normal synthetic lawn; low maintenance, clean perfect looking garden all year round
• Perfect for properties with a water meter


Jess and Johnny McGee’s house in Pasture Grove, Leeds, was the first domestic rainwater harvesting project carried out by the team at Bradleys Surfacing Systems. The two day install involved the harvesting of rainwater from:

  • the lawn, by converting it to artificial turf and having the Bradleys water harvesting system
  • the roof, by capturing the water from the gutter downpipe.

Harvested water is tanked underground and made available by a pump. In this case, a Victorian-style hand pump was chosen to fit in with the age of the property and act as a garden feature. Other options include solar-powered pumps or pumps powered by mains electricity. When the system is full, excess water is taken away by an overflow pipe connected to the existing drainage. The system can hold up to 500 litres of water.

Quote from the homeowner, Jonathan McGee:

“I love our water pump – it’s so handy having water right where we need it. Our neighbours always comment on how good the lawn looks and I feel proud that we are doing our bit for the environment.”



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