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26 Apr

Pasture Grove Project – April 2013

Bradleys completed their first domestic rainwater harvesting installation for a couple looking to improve the appearance of the front of their house in Pasture Grove, Leeds. Their front garden didn’t have an outside tap, so when they needed to water their plants, they had to trail the watering can through the house. Wanting to avoid having a tap plumbed in and through research online, they discovered Bradleys Surfacing Systems.

The project took two days to complete and involved the harvesting of rainwater, both from the lawn, by converting it to synthetic turf and having the Bradleys system underground and also from the roof, by capturing the water from the gutter downpipe. Harvested water is then tanked underground and made available by a pump – in this case, a Victorian style hand pump was chosen to fit in with buildings age and act as a feature the garden. When the system is full, excess water is taken away by an over-flow pipe connected to the existing drainage.

As a qualified Architectural Technologist, Jonathan is familiar with contemporary drainage applications. “When I discovered Bradleys Surfacing Systems, it just seemed like the right solution for us”. It’s an environmentally sustainable concept, which works perfectly with our lifestyle. I have been really impressed with Bradleys service, from the quality of drawings provided to the smooth and professional installation – they are definitely one of best contractors I have ever worked with.

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