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24 Jan

Cost of installing a new pitch vs. refurbishing an existing one

The thought of a shiny new artificial pitch for your educational or sports facility might seem an appealing one, but what about the costs involved with installing one?

Despite a promise by the Department for Education last year for £100m of funding for headteachers to boost pupils’ physical and mental health*, it appears there has been little clarity as to how schools can access this funding. This news, combined with cuts to PE budgets as schools face the ongoing funding crisis means that despite the need for a new pitch, the cost of an installing one might just not be feasible.

Investing in a regular maintenance programme therefore might be the answer. Specialist maintenance can help aid safe and enjoyable play, as well as prolonging the longevity of the surface – and at a cheaper price tag that installing a new pitch. Many schools have MUGA pitches to allow a variety of different sports to be played on at once and maintenance can involve cleaning, repairing and painting the different MUGA types, whether the surface is artificial grass, macadam and polymeric rubber. MUGA maintenance is relatively easy and inexpensive, but some aspects, such as the removal of debris and brushing to redistribute infill and for lifting the pile for a faster surface do need to be carried out regularly, whilst other aspects, such as removing moss or weeds within the surface or relieving compaction of the infill to ensure consistent ball and foot response can be done on a more periodic basis, a few times a year.

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