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22 Dec

MUGA’s – selecting the right surface for your facility

MUGA’s (Multi-Use Games Areas) have become an increasingly popular choice for educational facilities and recreational areas.

MUGA’s allow a number of different sporting grids to be incorporated on one surface, meaning different sports can be played on the one surface and you can get the most out of one particular area. They are also a cost-effective solution for facilities restricted by budget and where space is at a premium.

To make sure you make the most out of your MUGA, Bradleys has put together some information on the different types of MUGA’s so you can ensure you have the right surfacing needs for your particular facility and the sports being played on them. Generally, these are categorised into 5 main types:

Type 1 – Open-textured porous macadam 
This is a traditional multi-use surface suited for ball rebound sports, such as tennis, basketball and netball. Type 1 is primarily used as a tennis court with options including basketball and netball as secondary sports. The surface is coated with slip resistant paint and suitable for wheelchair sports.

Type 2 – Open-textured porous macadam 
Like type 1 MUGA’s, type 2 surfaces are coated with slip resistant paint. But because netball is the priority sport, type 2 MUGA’s require a higher slip resistance. Tennis and basketball are the secondary sports and suitable for wheelchair sports.

Type 3 – Polymeric 
Polymeric or rubberised surfaces have a degree of shock absorption and are normally laid above a porous macadam base for ball re-bound sports. Netball is the priority sport for this type of surface, and tennis and basketball the secondary sports. Available in a variety of colours and specifications to match the user’s requirements. Suitable for wheelchair sports.

Type 4 – Polymeric 
Type 4 is another polymeric surfaced area. Type 4 MUGA’s are designed to have greater shock absorbency and a lower slip resistance and therefore are suitable for where five-a-side football, basketball and general recreational and play are the priority.

Type 5 – Synthetic turf
Often referred to as ‘STP’, type 5 is surfaced with either a sand-filled or sand-dressed synthetic stuff or 3G needle-punch carpet. Sports suited to synthetic turf surfaces include hockey, football and tennis. With an STP surface, a shock pad is included depending on the surface design and usage and can be installed as required. A shock pad might be used if football is the priority sport, but not for tennis.

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