Wyre Forest School, Kidderminster: Outdoor specialist surfacing works for Oak Leaf Commercial Services with sub-base and TigerTurf’s Finesse – August 2017

Project Description

Bradleys Surfacing Systems was employed by Oak Leaf Commercial Services to carry out specialist surfacing works at Wye Forest School in Kidderminster.

The school was struggling to maintain the natural turf on the sloped area around the school building and its heavy use meant the different areas were often very muddy, causing issues with dirt being transferred into the school building. It was also aesthetically unpleasing.  The solution was to construct a free draining stone sub-base and install TigerTurf’s Finesse synthetic turf. The natural appearance of the product and strength made it the ideal product to use.

The sides of the slide on the site also become muddy and as the steep slope and continuous use made natural growth problematic, the solution was to install rubber mulch surfacing.  The rubber mulch not only offer a safety surface but also has good grip properties due to the texture of the material.

The school also had drainage issues, so Oak Leaf Commercial Services designed a solution of having an ACO channel drain in an area of puddling and linked it to a linear soak-a-way under the new synthetic turf, alleviating the standing water issues and not putting any more pressure on the building’s existing drainage infrastructure.


170m² of natural to synthetic turf conversion

9m² of rubber mulch

7LM of aco drain installed

16LM of land drains installed to create a linear soak-a-way